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Determinants of Housing Values and Variations in Home Prices Across Neighborhoods in Cook County
Maude Toussaint-Comeau, Jin Man Lee | 2018 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  1
Economy to Cruise Near Speed Limit in 2017 and 2018 Even as Auto Sales Downshift
William A. Strauss, Thomas Haasl | 2017 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  381
Maintaining Housing Affordability: The Role of University Partnerships in Iowa City and Other Communities
Taz George, Marva Williams | 2016 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  4
Introducing, Understanding, and Using the ICI 300 Peer Cities Identification Tool
Taz George, Susan Longworth, Mark O'Dell | 2016 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  4
The Global Diffusion of Ideas and Its Impact on Productivity and Growth
Francisco (Paco) Buera, Ezra Oberfield | 2016 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  369
Economy to Keep Rolling Along in 2016 and Accelerate Slightly in 2017
William A. Strauss, Rebecca Friedman  | 2016 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  364
The VW Scandal and Evolving Emissions Regulations
Thomas H. Klier, Joshua Linn | 2016 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  357
The When, What and Where of Consumer Debt: The View from Cook County
Gene Amromin, Leslie McGranahan | 2016 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  3
Universal CSAs in Illinois: Addressing the Racial Wealth Gap
Lucy Mullany | 2016 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  3
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