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Digital Innovation, Generational Shifts, and the Transformation of Financial Services
Lamont K. Black, Shruti Khetan, Emmanuel Akwafo, Nathan Halmrast, Christa Harris, Ana Oppenheimer | 2018 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  401
A “Principled” Approach to International Guidance for Central Counterparties
Rebecca Lewis  | 2018 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  400
The Risks of Pricing New Insurance Products: The Case of Long-Term Care
Zain Mohey-Deen, Richard J. Rosen | 2018 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  397
The Winds of Change for Community Banking: Headwinds, Tailwinds, and Regulation
Romel Bonilla, Jenna Cooper, Adam Emmerich, Theresa Hembd, Pamela Kennedy, Blake Marquart, Joseph Nashar | 2018 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  394
Reinvesting After the Crisis: Changes in the Fixed-Income Portfolios of Life Insurers
Andy Polacek | 2018 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  390
Securities Financing and Asset Markets: New Evidence
Tomas Breach, Thomas King | 2018 | Working Paper | No.  2018-22
Special Repo Rates and the Cross-Section of Bond Prices: the Role of the Special Collateral Risk Premium
Stefania D’Amico, N. Aaron Pancost | 2018 | Working Paper | No.  2018-21
Accounting for Macro-Finance Trends: Market Power, Intangibles, and Risk Premia (REVISED February 2019)
Emmanuel Farhi, François Gourio | 2018 | Working Paper | No.  2018-19
Do Household Finances Constrain Unconventional Fiscal Policy?
Scott R. Baker, Lorenz Kueng, Leslie McGranahan, Brian Melzer | 2018 | Working Paper | No.  2018-16
Contract Choice in the Interwar US Residential Mortgage Market
Jonathan Rose | 2018 | Working Paper | No.  2018-13
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