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Wage Shocks and the Technological Substitution of Low-Wage Jobs
Daniel Aaronson, Brian J. Phelan | 2017 | Working Paper | No.  2017-03
What Does Online Job Search Tell Us about the Labor Market?
Jason Faberman, Marianna Kudlyak | 2016 | Economic Perspectives | Vol. 40 | No.  1
Maintaining Housing Affordability: The Role of University Partnerships in Iowa City and Other Communities
Taz George, Marva Williams | 2016 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  4
Introducing, Understanding, and Using the ICI 300 Peer Cities Identification Tool
Taz George, Susan Longworth, Mark O'Dell | 2016 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  4
The Global Diffusion of Ideas and Its Impact on Productivity and Growth
Francisco (Paco) Buera, Ezra Oberfield | 2016 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  369
Is There Still Slack in the Labor Market?
Daniel Aaronson, Scott A. Brave, David Kelley | 2016 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  359
What Does the Changing Sectoral Composition of the Economy Mean for Workers?
Isaac  Sorkin | 2016 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  358
Labor Issues Facing Agriculture and the Rural Midwest
David Oppedahl | 2016 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  354
The When, What and Where of Consumer Debt: The View from Cook County
Gene Amromin, Leslie McGranahan | 2016 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  3
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