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Intellectual Property and Financial Markets Competition: A Discussion of Selected Public Policy Issues
Richard Heckinger, Victor Lubasi, Robert  Steigerwald | 2007 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  PDP2007-5 | November
Wall Street and Silicon Valley: A Delicate Interaction
Guido Lorenzoni | 2007 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  PDP 2007-4 | October
Legal and Policy Aspects of the Central Bank's Role in the Payment System: Some Costs and Benefits of the Choice of Settlement Asset
Robert  Steigerwald | 2007 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  PDP 2007-3 | September
Fundamental Economic Shocks and the Macroeconomy
David Marshall | 2007 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  PDP 2007-2 | April
Consultation Paper on Intraday Liquidity Management and Payment System Risk Policy
Carol Clark, David Marshall, Robert  Steigerwald | 2007 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  PDP 2007-1 | March
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