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Market Discipline in the Governance of U.S. Bank Holding Companies: Monitoring vs. Influencing
Robert R. Bliss, Mark J.  Flannery  | 2000 | Working Paper | No.  2000-03
The Effects Of Health, Wealth, And Wages On Labor Supply And Retirement Behavior
Eric French | 2000 | Working Paper | No.  2000-02
Dynamic Monetary Equilibrium in a Random-Matching Economy
Edward J. Greene, Ruilin Zhou | 2000 | Working Paper | No.  2000-01
Deregulation and Efficiency: The Case of Private Korean Banks
Jonathan Hao, William C. Hunter, Won Keun Yang | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-27
Intrinsic Bubbles: The Case of Stock Prices: A Comment
Lucy F.  Ackert , William C. Hunter | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-26
Globalization of Financial Institutions: Evidence from Cross-Border Banking Performance
Allen N.  Berger, Robert  DeYoung , Hesna Genay, Gregory F. Udell | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-25
The Earned Income Credit and Durable Goods Purchases
Lisa Barrow, Leslie McGranahan | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-24
A Note on the Benefits of Homeownership
Daniel Aaronson | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-23
Is There Evidence of the New Economy in the Data?
Michael A. Kouparitsas | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-22
Testing the Stability of Implied Probability Density Functions
Robert R. Bliss, Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-21
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