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Last Updated: 07/24/17

IBEX Consumer Sentiment (IBEX-CS)

The Chicago Fed IBEX-CS is a monthly and quarterly consumer sentiment index measure for over 30 groups and the overall population. It is designed to capture the sentiment of consumers within specific socioeconomic and demographic groups. The most recent data has been updated through 2017:Q2.

The IBEX-CS consists of three measures of consumer sentiment. The Index of Current Economic Conditions (IBEX-ICC) captures sentiment regarding present personal and economic situations. The Index of Consumer Expectations (IBEX-ICE) is based upon consumer-expected changes in business conditions and personal income. Finally, the Index of Consumer Sentiment (IBEX-ICS) is a composite of the first two indexes and forms an aggregate index. All three are constructed using data from the University of Michigan Survey Research Center.


IBEX-CS Groups

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