John W. McPartland

Senior Policy Advisor, Financial Markets

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John McPartland is a senior professional in the economic research department, where he contributes to the Bank's position on public policy issues involving netting and payment systems, supervisory oversight of exchange-traded and privately negotiated derivatives instruments, international competitiveness and regulatory reform of domestic financial markets. His career has been spent designing, building, testing and operating netting, clearing, collateral management and risk-mitigation systems.


McPartland has been a settlement banker, trader and deputy manager of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Clearing House. He has started a bank-parented FCM and an exchange-parented trust company. McPartland serves on the Business Conduct Committees of the CME and CBoT, and formerly served on the CFTC's Technical Advisory Committee (and chaired its Market Access Subcommittee). He has been a guest lecturer at the London School of Economics, the University of Wisconsin and the IIT Center for Financial Markets.  He is a frequent public speaker at industry and regulatory fora.

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Policy Discussion Papers
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2009,  “Clearing and Settlement of Exchange Traded Derivatives: The Hitchhiker’s Guide,” Futures & Derivatives Law Report, October (greatly expanded version of Chicago Fed Letter, No. 267).


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2002, “Market Access, Revenue Models and Public Policy,” Journal of Global Financial Markets, Fall.

2002, “Open Architecture Clearing,” Outlook ’03, Fall.


With Donna Zagorski, 1999, “Multicurrency Regulatory Encumbrances Affecting the U.S. Futures Industry,” Derivatives Quarterly.

1998, “A Private Sector Derivatives Settlement Initiative that Circumnavigates the Encumbrances of Regulation Q,” Derivatives Quarterly.

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