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Plan a visit to our Chicago or Detroit locations, get information about programs for middle school, high school and college students, or locate educational resources.

Visit the Chicago Money Museum

Located at 230 South LaSalle Street in Chicago’s financial district, the Chicago Fed’s Money Museum features a variety of exhibits focused on economics, money, and the roles of the Federal Reserve. Try your hand at detecting counterfeit notes, learn what a million dollars looks like, and view the rare currency on display.

Plan a Group Visit to the Detroit Visitor Center

Located at 1600 East Warren Avenue in Detroit, the Visitor Center is open by appointment to civic and community organizations, business groups, bankers, high school juniors and seniors, and college students.

Compete in the Fed Challenge

The Fed Challenge is an academic competition that provides high school and college undergraduate students the opportunity to study the U.S. economy through the lens of the nation’s central bank. The program encourages students to learn more about economics and the work of the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee.

Accept the Challenge
Learn About Educator Resources

Discover free resources for your classroom.

Locate Consumer Resources

Find information about financial regulators, tools to measure your debt, and tips on filing a consumer complaint and understanding your mortgage.

About the Chicago Fed

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is, first and foremost, an organization devoted to serving the public good. We are committed to fostering economic opportunity by advancing a healthy, inclusive economy and promoting a trusted financial system. The below video explains the work, mission and goals of the Chicago Fed in more detail.

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