Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our commitment to building a diverse workforce and an equitable, inclusive workplace helps ensure our employees feel valued, respected and heard, and in return, deliver the best results for the communities we serve. Our work is achieved through our commitment to inclusion across race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, veteran status, physical ability, sexual orientation and experience, which enables us to serve our community, the public and our employees.

To close existing gaps that impede our progress toward our vision, our priorities are to:

  1. Create a workforce that is diverse across business lines and job levels—by setting clear and attainable goals that are tracked and reported regularly.
  2. Advance equity in our workplace and community by mitigating biases and increasing transparency in all people practices, processes and policies.
  3. Strengthen our culture of inclusion by driving inclusive leadership and behaviors through targeted education, refinement of our cultural norms, and accountability measures for all employees.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team supports these efforts through:

  • Strategic consulting within the Bank.
  • Providing guidance to our Employee Support Network Groups.
  • Building community partnerships.
  • Participating in the Financial Services Pipeline Initiative.
  • Fulfilling the mission of the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion.

Employee Support Network Groups

Employee Support Network Groups (ESNGs) are groups of employees who come together based on similar interests, experiences, backgrounds and/or beliefs. They are crucial to transforming an inclusive culture at the Bank through professional development opportunities, cultural awareness experiences, social engagement and advisory support for all areas of the Bank to positively impact business results. Our current ESNGs are:

Diversity Network Groups

Women's Impact
Spectrum (LGBTQ
& Allies Association)
Family Resource
Veterans Support
Asian Pacific Islander
Resource Group
(Latinx Association)
Black Impact Group
Generation Empowerment

Councils, Professional Network & Other Groups

The Bank's Councils and networking groups provide additional development opportunities and help advance our strategic priorities:

  • everGreen: Strives to make the Seventh District greener and more environmentally responsible
  • Outreach Council: Addresses how the Fed’s policies impact the communities we serve
  • Toastmasters Club: Provides a forum for employees to increase their communication and leadership skills
  • Volunteer Council: Drives Bank volunteerism and community activities
  • Women in Technology – Advancing women and minorities in tech roles

Advancing Diverse Talent in Chicago’s Financial Services Industry

Recruiting and retention efforts are essential as the Bank continues to make significant gains to address minority representation in the financial services industry. The Bank participates in a collaborative of Chicago-based financial services firms to address the lack of diversity in the financial sector, particularly the relatively low representation of African-American and Latinos.

The Bank, along with 20 Chicago-based financial services industry partners, is committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion and has long focused on efforts meant to increase the racial and gender diversity of the sector.

For more information about this important work and the Bank’s commitment to leading these efforts, visit FSPChicago.org.

Office of Minority & Women Inclusion

photo of Kathryn Medina
Kathryn Medina

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's  Annual Report to Congress offers a comprehensive summary of the Bank's accomplishments, challenges and opportunities as they relate to minority and women employment, supplier diversity and financial literary and community outreach. The Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) was established by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was signed into law in 2010.

TThe Chicago Fed’s People & Culture department executes the responsibilities of OMWI under the leadership of Senior Vice President Kathryn Medina.

Announcing Chicago Fed's New Partnerships

Blacks In Technology Foundation (BIT)

The Chicago Fed is partnering with the Blacks In Technology Foundation (BIT) and will serve as the exclusive sponsor of BIT’s Chicago chapter.

BIT, the largest global community of Black technologists, is “Stomping the Divide” between Black tech workers and the rest of tech industry “by establishing new standards of global innovation.” They aim to level the playing field through training, education, networking, and mentorship with the support of allies, partners, sponsors, and members.

BIT’s mission aligns with the Bank’s commitment to building a diverse workforce across business lines and job levels, advancing equity in our workplace and strengthening our culture of inclusion. BIT is an ideal partner to help the Chicago Fed build on its goals while investing in Black professionals within the information technology community through event collaborations with BIT’s Chicago regional chapter and providing growth and career opportunities.

“As a leader in the effort to increase diversity in technology, I’m incredibly excited to offer my support to the partnership between the Federal Reserve Bank and BIT,” said Sandra Pesic, Information Security & Data Privacy Officer at the Chicago Fed.

“This partnership will continue to advance our core values, increasing diversity in the technology sector by developing an enabling environment that removes barriers to entry. BIT will continue the great work they do by directly offering training, networking and mentoring.”

We are honored to spotlight BIT and partner with them on their mission.

For more information on the Blacks In Technology Foundation visit foundation.blacksintechnology.net

Black Marketers Association of America (BMAA)

The Chicago Fed is partnering with the Black Marketers Association of America (BMAA).

BMAA is the first organization created for Black Marketers by Black Marketers. They seek to build a space for Black marketers to obtain invaluable and applicable resources for job success in all areas of marketing. They also aim to share historically exclusionary knowledge regarding job matriculation in order to achieve well-rounded success.

The organization’s vision aligns with the Chicago Fed’s dedication to building and growing a workforce as diverse as the communities we serve, ensuring that our culture is inclusive and equitable for all. One of the Bank’s top priorities in achieving this vision is to ensure that our workforce is diverse across all business lines and job levels, which includes leadership development and growth opportunities for underrepresented groups.

“There is no doubt that building a diverse and inclusive workforce is hard work, but we don’t have to do this work alone. Partnering with external organizations is an essential part of our strategy to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce at the Bank. “said Devin Patterson, Assistant Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. “Our new partnership with the Black Marketers Association of America accelerates our strategy’s progress by providing us with the opportunity to combine our resources and broaden our reach to Black professionals in the marketing field.”

Through our partnership with BMAA, we look forward to collaborating on events that will uplift BMAA’s vision and providing growth opportunities for its membership. To learn more about BMAA, visit blackmarketers.org

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Women Impact Network
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Chicago staff assemble to create a human pride flag
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The Human Rights Campaign's 2021 Corporate Equality Index seal, denoting the Chicago Fed as on the bets places to work for LGBTQ equality.
Human Rights Campaign Foundation Best Places to work 2021
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Law enforcement officers take part in the Polar Bear Plunge to benefit the Special Olympics
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Spectrum group as LGBTQ Flag
Spectrum group as LGBTQ Flag
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