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Last Updated: 11/30/2022

Health Care, the Employer and Insurance

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and the Detroit Regional Chamber sponsored the fourth annual forum examining health care delivery in the U.S. The program analyzed the role of insurance in the health care system. The role and opportunity for employers in creating value will also be explored. The prospective programs likely to be enacted in Washington will also be evaluated and assessed. 

The conference included presentations by Dr. Karen Davis, president of the Commonwealth Fund, Dr. Paul Ginsburg of the Center for Studying Health System Change, and Dr. Peter Hussey of the RAND Corporation. In addition, a series of speakers and panels that evaluated the costs and benefits of paying for outcomes as opposed to the current system that reimburses for treatments. Various approaches to getting the best value in health care was also discussed.

Monday, 04/26/10
3:15 PM
Welcome and Introduction

Refreshments will be served.

4:00 PM
Health Care: New Landscape? Same Challenges?

Davis will survey the impact of the significant game changing developments in health care: reform or no reform. She will describe the problems and opportunities that lie ahead for our region, employers and employees, and what we must do next.

Karen Davis, President, The Commonwealth Fund View Bio
5:15 PM
Discussion Panel: Paying for Outcomes —The Cure for What Ails Us?

How do we control costs? Follow the money. Evidence and opinion are beginning to prove that we can't fix health care without changing the way we buy it. Is this the solution we've been looking for?

Thomas L Simmer MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan View Bio
Peter S Hussey PhD, RAND Corporation View Bio
Mary B Durfee MD, President, IHA of Ann Arbor, PC (Invited)
6:30 PM
Tuesday, 04/27/10
8:00 AM
Continental Breakfast
8:00 AM
Welcome and Introductory Remarks
8:15 AM
Where Does Your Insurance Fit in the Ever-changing Value Chain?

Ginsburg will address the importance of insurance in truly transforming health care, and particularly the opportunity for reforming provider payments, combining both market-based and regulatory approaches. He will examine why there has been so little change in employers' benefits structures and what it will take to get to more global payments for bundled services. 

Paul B Ginsburg PhD, President, Center for Studying Health System Change View Bio
8:15 AM
Discussion with Ginsburg, Hussey and Audience
10:15 AM
Our Health Benefits — Mining the Best Value

Ultimately, health care is us. What can we call for, design and implement in our individual settings to make benefit programs more effective — for employees and families, as well as for employers? What works and what doesn't?

Cyndy Nayer, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Center for Health Value Innovation View Bio
Chuck Haas, Risk Manager, City of Cincinnati View Bio
11:30 AM
11:45 AM
11:45 AM
The Employer/Employee Relationship: Who’s the Boss?

Just as they manage other parts of their businesses, employers have to manage their health care programs, either directly or through their insurers. What's the downside if they don't, and what's the upside if they do?

Howard Weyers, President, Health and Benefits Strategy View Bio
1:30 PM
Tying It All Together

It's all about being competitive, having the best team, finishing first. At this point, what is the way forward for employers and employees? Which direction is "west," and what is our reward?

Dee W Edington PhD, Director, University of Michigan Health Management Research Center
1:30 PM

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