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Agriculture Conference Series

The agricultural industry is an important sector in the Seventh District's economy. Each year, we bring together experts from academia, industry and policy institutions to explore the current challenges and opportunities for the industry. In addition, we publish the quarterly AgLetter and related data, which will keep you up to date on the current trends between conferences.

Agriculture Conferences


Agriculture Conference 2022

November 29, 2022

Conference Details


Biofuels in the Midwest: Today and Tomorrow

November 30, 2021

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Insights


Midwest Agriculture and Shifting Consumer Preferences

December 1, 2020

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Insights


Improving Midwest Agriculture and the Environment

November 20, 2019

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter


Agricultural Technology's Impacts on Farming and the Rural Midwest

November 27, 2018

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter


Midwest Agriculture’s Ties to the Global Economy

November 28, 2017

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter


The Downturn in Agriculture: Implications for the Midwest and the Future of Farming

November 29, 2016

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter


Labor Issues Facing Agriculture and the Rural Midwest

November 16-17, 2015

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter


Farm Income's Impact on the Midwest

November 17, 2014

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter


Taming Agricultural Risks

November 19, 2013

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter


Farmland Leases: Tales, Types and Trends

November 27, 2012

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter


Rising Farmland Values: Causes and Cautions

November 15, 2011

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter


The Intersection of Midwest Agriculture and Rural Development

November 9, 2010

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter 


Perspectives on the Future of Agriculture in the Midwest

December 1, 2009

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter 


Agricultural Markets and Food Price Inflation

October 2, 2008

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter


The Role of R&D in Agriculture and Related Industries: Today and Tomorrow

September 24, 2007

Conference Details | Chicago Fed Letter


Globally Competitive Agriculture and the Midwest

September 29, 2006

Conference Details Not Available | Chicago Fed Letter


Ag Biotech and Midwest Rural Development

September 8, 2005

Conference Details Not Available

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