Each Reserve Bank and Branch has a board of directors from the private sector. Although being a director is not a full-time job, the responsibilities are broad - ranging from the supervision of the Bank to making recommendations on monetary policy.
Research Economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago are critical members in the Economic Research Department and Financial Markets Group.
Policy Professionals incorporate their industry expertise into Bank policymaking by consulting withDistrict stakeholders, analyzing industry data and providing analysis to the economicresearch leadership.
The president serves as the chief executive officer of a Reserve Bank. The first vice president is chief operating officer. The president and first vice president are appointed to 5-year terms by the Bank's board of directors, subject to approval by the Board of Governors.
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Advisory Councils are composed of members from a variety of industries in the Seventh Federal Reserve District. They provide input on regional economic issues.
The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Speakers Bureau offers you access to professionals who can provide insight on a variety of topics, including the purposes and functions of the Federal Reserve System, banking issues, and an update on regional and national economic conditions.