Katy Jacob



Katy Jacob formerly was on staff in the economic research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Bank Publications

Chicago Fed Letter

Katy Jacob, Brian Mantel, Kirstin Wells | 2013 | No. 307a | February Download
Nour Abdul-Razzak, Katy Jacob, Richard Porter | 2011 | No. 293a | December Download
Katy Jacob, Anna Lunn | 2011 | No. 290a | September Download
Katy Jacob, Daniel Littman, Richard Porter, Wade Rousse | 2010 | No. 275 | June Download
Katy Jacob, Carrie Jankowski, Anna Lunn | 2009 | No. 266a | September Download
Katy Jacob, Bruce J. Summers | 2008 | No. 252 | July Download

Economic Perspectives

Sandeep Dhameja, Katy Jacob, Richard Porter | 2013 | Vol. 37 | 3rd Quarter Download
Julia S. Cheney, Robert M. Hunt, Katy Jacob, Richard Porter, Bruce J. Summers | 2012 | Vol. 36 | 4th Quarter Download

Working papers

Policy Discussion Papers

Katy Jacob, Anna Lunn, Richard Porter, Wade Rousse, Bruce J. Summers, David Walker | 2009 | No. 5 | November Download
Katy Jacob, Carrie Jankowski, Anna Lunn | 2009 | No. 1 | September Download

Presentations and Other Resources

Other Working Papers

The Efficiency and Integrity of Payment Card Systems: Industry Views on the Risks Posed by Data Breaches

With Julia S. Cheney, Robert M. Hunt, Richard D. Porter and Bruce J. Summers

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Discussion Paper, Payments Card Center

October 2012

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