Gregory F. Udell

Professor, Indiana University

Gregory F. Udell is a consultant in the research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Udell is a professor in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

Chicago Fed Letter
Robert DeYoung , William C. Hunter, Gregory F. Udell | 2002 | No. 178 | June Download
Working Papers
Santiago Carbó-Valverde, Francisco Rodríguez Fernández, Gregory F. Udell | 2008 | No. 2008-04 | June Download
Robert DeYoung , William C. Hunter, Gregory F. Udell | 2003 | No. 2003-14 Download
Allen N. Berger, Richard J. Rosen, Gregory F. Udell | 2001 | No. 2001-10 Download
Allen N. Berger, Robert DeYoung , Hesna Genay, Gregory F. Udell | 1999 | No. 1999-25 Download
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