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The Research University, Invention, and Industry: Evidence from German History
Jeremiah E. Dittmar, Ralf Meisenzahl | 2022 | Working Paper | No.  2022-24 | June
Global Innovation Spillovers and Productivity: Evidence from 100 Years of World Patent Data
Enrico Berkes, Kristina  Manysheva, Martí Mestieri | 2022 | Working Paper | No.  2022-15 | May
Harvesting the Past: Lessons for Today's Community Development Leaders
Joel Bookman, Andrew Mooney | 2021 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  2 | November
Secular Trends in Minority-Owned Businesses and Small Business Finance
Maude Toussaint-Comeau, Victoria Williams | 2020 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  2 | May | 19
Conclusions from conversations about economic inclusion from the Midwest
Taz George, Susan Longworth, Mark O'Dell | 2020 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  1
The Geography of Subprime Credit
Taz George, Robin Newberger, Mark O'Dell | 2019 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  6
Education and the Evolution of Earnings Across Population Groups Since 2000
Kelley Sarussi, Thomas Walstrum | 2019 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  5
Small Business Performance in Industries in LMI Neighborhoods After the Great Recession: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles
Maude Toussaint-Comeau, Robin Newberger, Mark O'Dell | 2019 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  3
Preliminary Findings from Focus Groups on Economic Inclusion in Smaller Cities
Susan Longworth, Taz George, Mark O'Dell | 2019 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  2
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