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The Global Diffusion of Ideas
Francisco (Paco) Buera, Ezra Oberfield | 2016 | Working Paper | No.  2016-13
Optimal Monetary Policy in an Open Emerging Market Economy (Revised August 2017)
Tara Iyer | 2016 | Working Paper | No.  2016-06
External and Public Debt Crises
Cristina Arellano, Andrew Atkeson, Mark L. J. Wright | 2015 | Working Paper | No.  2015-05 | July
The Stock of External Sovereign Debt: Can We Take the Data at ‘Face Value’?
Daniel A.  Dias, Christine Richmond, Mark L. J. Wright | 2014 | Working Paper | No.  2014-05 | May
The Cyprus Crisis Through the Lens of Bank Investors
Hesna Genay, Mike Mei | 2013 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  315 | October
The Global Labor Market Impact of Emerging Giants: A Quantitative Assessment
Andrei A. Levchenko, Jing Zhang | 2013 | Working Paper | No.  2013-10
Structural Change in an Open Economy
Timothy Uy, Kei-Mu Yi, Jing Zhang | 2013 | Working Paper | No.  2013-09
The Global Welfare Impact of China: Trade Integration and Technological Change
Julian di Giovanni, Andrei A. Levchenko, Jing Zhang | 2013 | Working Paper | No.  2013-08
Emerging Economies, Trade Policy and Macroeconomic Shocks (REVISED March 2014)
Chad Bown, Meredith Crowley | 2012 | Working Paper | No.  2012-18 | November
Institutions, the Cost of Capital, and Long-Run Economic Growth: Evidence from the 19th Century Capital Market
Ron Alquist, Benjamin Chabot | 2012 | Working Paper | No.  2012-17 | November
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