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The Effect of School Finance Reform on Population Heterogeneity
Daniel Aaronson | 1998 | Working Papers | No.  1998-11
An Analysis of Women's Return-to-Work Decisions Following First Birth
Lisa Barrow | 1998 | Working Papers | No.  1998-09
A Model of Bimetallism
François Velde, Warren E. Weber | 1998 | Working Papers | No.  1998-08
Understanding the Effects of a Shock to Government Purchases
Wendy Edelberg, Martin Eichenbaum, Jonas D. M. Fisher | 1998 | Working Papers | No.  1998-07
Stock Market and Investment Goods Prices: Implications for Macroeconomics
Lawrence J.  Christiano , Jonas D. M. Fisher | 1998 | Working Papers | No.  1998-06
Prospective Deficits and the Asian Currency Crisis
Craig Burnside, Martin Eichenbaum, Sergio Rebelo | 1998 | Working Papers | No.  1998-05
The Informational Advantage of Specialized Monitors: The Case of Bank Examiners
Robert  DeYoung , Mark J.  Flannery , William W. Lang, Sorin M. Sorescu | 1998 | Working Papers | No.  1998-04
Could Prometheus Be Bound Again?: A Contribution to the Convergence Controversy
Nicola Cetorelli | 1998 | Working Papers | No.  1998-03
Search, Self-Insurance and Job-Security Provisions
Fernando  Alvarez, Marcelo Veracierto | 1998 | Working Papers | No.  1998-02
A Trojan Horse or the Golden Fleece? Small Business Investment Companies and Government Guarantees
Elijah  Brewer III , Hesna Genay, William Jackson III, Paula R. Worthington | 1997 | Working Papers | No.  1997-22
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