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Assessing the Midwest Economy

The dramatic comeback of the Midwest economy and the outlook for the future was the subject of a long-term, comprehensive study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Assessing the Midwest Economy: Looking Back for the Future. The goal of this project is to better understand the Midwest's future prospects by examining the turnaround in its economic performance since the early 1980s.

How did the rustbelt of old become a well-oiled machine? The root causes of the Midwest's revival are not fully understood. The bank's study will contribute to a more refined understanding of the Midwest's turnaround, which is key to forecasting performance and, more importantly, to developing policy which will enhance the region's prospects for continued economic improvement.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago economists worked with experts from the public and private sectors to produce more than two dozen papers focusing on various subjects, including industry trends, the agricultural and urban sectors, global markets, taxes and regulation, the labor force, and education and technology.


Midwest Metropolitan Areas: Performance and Policy

November 28, 1995
An assessment of the performance of metropolitan areas against the backdrop of technological changes affecting the productivity and growth of urban areas. More...

The Midwest Economy: Structure and Performance

February 13, 1996
An analysis of regional development with a focus on the issues raised by ongoing changes in the manufacturing sector. More...

The Changing Rural Economy of the Midwest

March 8, 1996
An examination of the performance of and prospects for rural areas in the Midwest. More...

Work Force Developments: Issues for the Midwest Economy

May 15, 1996
A discussion of new roles for the public and private sector in enhancing worker productivity. More...

Designing State/Local Fiscal Policy for Growth and Development

July 17, 1996
An assessment of how local tax structure, public spending, and regulatory policies affect Midwest growth and investment. More...

Global Linkages to the Midwest Economy

September 18, 1996
An evaluation of the influence of factors such as foreign direct investment, import competition, and regional exports on the Midwest economy. More...

Assessing the Midwest Economy: Looking Back to the Future

April 23, 1997
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago symposium. More...
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