In Brief

The Chicago Fed Income Based Economic Index (IBEX) is annually updated and a project of the Bank's Community Development & Policy Studies division.

Chicago Fed Income-Based Economic Index (IBEX)

This index is no longer being updated. For past data, please see below.

The IBEX is a series of economic statistics that measure the economic experience of particular income and demographic groups. The IBEX groups include the elderly and the working poor, as well as groupings by education, income quartile and race.


IBEX Inflation 

The IBEX 12 Month Inflation Rates provide a monthly chain-weighted inflation measure for more than thirty socio-economic and demographic groups, as well as the overall urban population. It covers the period from 1983 – 2008. The inflation rates are updated annually in the first quarter of each year when new data for expenditures are available.


IBEX Consumer Sentiment

The IBEX Consumer Sentiment (IBEX-CS) provides a monthly and quarterly index of consumer sentiment for forty-six groups and the overall urban population and covers the period from 1978:Q1 – 2014:Q2.