Econ in the Classroom

The Fed has many resources designed for economics and finance educators. The Chicago Fed is particularly proud to offer two annual student-based experiential competitions. Check out the resources and workshops available to enrich your study and teaching of economics.

Michigan Economic Education Video Competition: We Have a Winner!

The Fed is pleased to announce the winner of our new video competition in Michigan for high school students. The competition was designed to have students explore economic concepts through their own lens, both literally and figuratively. The theme of the contest in 2015 was Opportunity Costs. The winners of the iPad mini are Josh Lank and Jeff Brooks from Livonia Stevenson High School in Livonia, MI.

Midwest Fed Challenge: 2015 Winners!

A team of five students from Nicolet High School in Glendale, WI, won on April 22 the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Midwest Fed Challenge Competition. Learn more about the winners.

New Infographic on the FOMC

FOMC infographic

Have you been looking for a way to illustrate Federal Open Market Committee voting? Our infographic shows you who votes when, and, as an added feature, the dates of the 2014 meetings. Read more...

Make Learning Economics Fun with Econ Explorers

Econ Explorers coverThe Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago believes that economic and financial literacy serve critical roles in helping consumers make better decisions with their money. The path towards economic and financial understanding can begin as early as elementary school. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago has prepared its Econ Explorers curriculum to help get this process started and make it fun for both student and teacher. A teacher's guide and a student's workbook are available for download. 

What We Do Lesson Plan Kit Now Available

What We Do binder

Have you seen our What We Do lesson plan kit? It is designed as a supplement for the average high school or entry-level college economics course. It aims to help you teach about the role of the nation’s central bank in a new and multi-modal way. Included are a DVD that outlines the role and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, a game that helps students understand the concept of inflation, a set of multiple-choice questions, and a take-home assignment that requires the students to reflect on what they have learned. For your convenience, the entire lesson plan is included in both a print and electronic format. For futher details, please review our information sheet. If you would like to order a copy, please contact Mariann Rapp via email.