Risk Conference Series

Information on the annual risk conference which brings together executives, professionals, researchers and policymakers.

Eighth Annual Risk Conference

The eighth annual Risk Conference, hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and DePaul University’s Center for Financial Services, explores these questions with an array of noteworthy speakers and panelists that include perspectives from industry professionals, academics, and regulators.

March 31- April 1, 2015


Seventh Annual Risk Conference

This year's theme is Managing Risk in the Recovery. The agenda includes perspectives from senior executives through a mix of presentations and panel discussions.

April 8-9, 2014


Sixth Annual Risk Conference

Co-sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and DePaul University, Driehaus College of Business, Center for Financial Services, the sixth annual joint Risk Conference will focus on business model and strategic risk given the current environment.

April 9 - 10, 2013


Fifth Annual Risk Conference

This year's conference will explore the changing shape of financial regulation. Practitioners, regulators and industry observers will contribute their thoughts on what might be on the horizon.

April 10-11, 2012



FourthAnnual Risk Conference

Risk management is facing a rebuilding process after the most significant financial crisis in 80 years. Professionals working in the field must shift their thinking about the interrelated nature of risks, the risk management process and practical application of risk resolution strategies.

April 11-April 12, 2011



Third Annual Risk Conference

Co-sponsored by the Chicago Fed's Supervision and Regulation Department and DePaul University's Department of Finance. As the risk-management landscape continues to evolve, financial practitioners, academics and regulators offer lessons learned, perspectives on headline issues and insights on recent innovations in products and practices in the financial services industry.

April 6-7, 2010



Second Annual Risk Conference

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and DePaul University's Center for Financial Services hosted the second annual Financial Institutions Risk Management Conference. Panel discussions focused on lessons learned, the role of capital in providing risk discipline and the systemic risk presented by institutions that are "too big to fail."

April 14-15, 2009



First Annual Risk Conference

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and De Paul University hosted the first annual conference with the thene Risk: Keeping Ahead of the Curve.

March 6-7, 2008