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Risk-Adjusted Capital Allocation and Misallocation
Joel David, Lukas Schmid, David Zeke | 2020 | Working Paper | No.  2020-34 | December
Optimal Debt Dynamics, Issuance Costs, and Commitment
Luca Benzoni, Lorenzo Garlappi, Robert S. Goldstein, Julien Hugonnier, Chao Ying | 2020 | Working Paper | No.  2020-20 | September | 14
Credit Score Doctors
Luojia Hu, Xing Huang, Andrei Simonov | 2020 | Working Paper | No.  2020-07 | February | 26
Central Clearing and Systemic Liquidity Risk
Thomas King, Travis D. Nesmith, Anna Paulson, Todd Prono | 2019 | Working Paper | No.  2019-12
Asymmetric Information, Dynamic Debt Issuance, and the Term Structure of Credit Spreads
Luca Benzoni, Lorenzo Garlappi, Robert S. Goldstein | 2019 | Working Paper | No.  2019-08
The Concentration of Cleared Derivatives: Can Access to Direct CCP Clearing for End-Users Address the Challenge?
Nahiomy Alvarez, John W. McPartland | 2019 | Working Paper | No.  2019-06
Affordability, Financial Innovation, and the Start of the Housing Boom
Jane Dokko, Benjamin J. Keys, Lindsay E. Relihan | 2019 | Working Paper | No.  2019-01
Securities Financing and Asset Markets: New Evidence
Tomas Breach, Thomas King | 2018 | Working Paper | No.  2018-22
Special Repo Rates and the Cross-Section of Bond Prices: the Role of the Special Collateral Risk Premium
Stefania D’Amico, N. Aaron Pancost | 2018 | Working Paper | No.  2018-21
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