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The Chicago Fed's Seventh District is one of America's most productive farmland regions. Dedicated research staff, through the quarterly AgLetter, the Bank's annual Midwest Agriculture Conference, and other projects, help us to understand the agriculture industry and to share that knowledge. The AgLetter, which analyzes agricultural land trends and financial conditions based on a survey of District bankers, has published regularly since the 1940s.

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Agriculture and Farmland Data

Historical Data

Data on credit conditions at Seventh District agricultural banks and on farmland values in the Seventh District are available for download. Recent data on both are also available in AgLetter.

Seventh District Credit Conditions Data file XLSX
Seventh District Land Values Data file XLSX

Seasonal Credit Program

Under the program, depository institutions may obtain funds through the Discount Window during periods of seasonal need (such as those related to the cyclicality of agriculture) allowing them to carry fewer liquid assets in the off-season and to make more funds available to meet the credit needs of their local community. Credit can be obtained for periods of up to nine months in a calendar year, and there are no commitment fees or other expenses involved in setting up and maintaining a seasonal line of credit, even if it is never used.

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