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Last Updated: 08/10/21

ProfitWise News and Views

Articles on community and economic development news, trends, policy, and research.

Most Recent Articles

How Ford Motor’s Equal Pay Policies Reduced Overall Labor Market Discrimination

Jonathan Lanning

In a paper forthcoming in the Journal of Labor Economics, my co-author and I estimate the impact of Ford Motor Company’s wage policies using data from the first half of the twentieth century. We find that equal pay policies at Ford substantially reduced the gap in wages earned by Black workers compared with White workers not only at Ford, but throughout the Southeast Michigan region. By 1947, the regional wage gap was around half what it would have been absent Ford’s equal pay policies. In this article, I summarize our work and highlight some important findings.

Preserving Chicago’s Minority Middle Neighborhoods

Maude Toussaint-Comeau and Robin Newberger

Not every city in the U.S. has Chicago’s rich history of Black middle class neighborhoods. This article analyzes data on key aspects of the changes that have taken places in the last few decades in traditionally middle income/middle class minority neighborhoods of Chicago.

The Economic Hardships of Low and Moderate-Income Individuals: Insights from Focus Groups

Kelly Edmiston, Emily Engel and Jennifer Wilding

This article highlights personal perspectives on the barriers to employment among low- and moderate-income workers in spite of a national economy that, until the Covid-19 pandemic, was quite robust.

Rethinking Options for Retiring Entrepreneurs

Desiree Hatcher

Retiring entrepreneurs have various alternatives for transfer of their businesses: family succession, which is frequently not successful long term, sale to an outside party, which can result in termination of those employed at the time of sale, or dissolution, are the most common. This article explores options for current employees to assume businesses through cooperative models that retain local ownership and jobs, and thereby promote neighborhood stability.

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