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Last Updated: 09/05/19

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The Geography of Subprime Credit

Taz GeorgeRobin Newberger and Mark O'Dell

Improving the financial lives of the people living in neighborhoods with large concentrations of low credit-scored households requires an understanding of the socioeconomic and financial challenges of those places. In this study, the authors identify such neighborhoods and analyze their socioeconomic and financial attributes, focusing on Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The authors find geographic patterns in the locations of subprime-scored households, in particular that these households are more highly concentrated in urban centers, while suburban areas tend to have very few subprime households. There are also significant differences in neighborhood characteristics in places where subprime-scored households live, including a much higher non-white share of the population, weaker labor market outcomes, lower educational attainment, and higher housing vacancy rates.


Education and the Evolution of Earnings Across Population Groups Since 2000 

Kelley Sarussi and Thomas Walstrum

Since the Great Recession ended in 2009, the country has experienced its longest economic expansion in history, but not every segment of the population has benefited equally. This article explores four commonly used labor market measures to gain insight on the relative fortunes of subgroups of the population – divided by age, sex, race, and educational attainment – since 2000, to learn what has changed in the interim, and for whom.


Banks and Nonprofit Hospitals: Partners in Community Development?

How Banks and Nonprofit Hospitals Can Collaborate on Community Building and Health Outcome Improvement: Exploring the Nexus between the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) 

Steven Kuehl

This article explores similarities between the Community Reinvestment Act and the Affordable Care Act, as pertains to how banks and nonprofit hospitals engage with their surrounding communities, as well as possible ways they can align interests to realize complimentary and mutually beneficial outcomes. 

Small Business Performance in Industries in LMI Neighborhoods After the Great Recession: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles 

Maude Toussaint-ComeauRobin Newberger and Mark O'Dell

Small businesses are essential to the economic infrastructure of both lower-income and higher-income neighborhoods.  In this report, we compare small business performance in lower-income vs higher-income areas. Findings offer some directions for growing small businesses in LMI and ethnic/minority neighborhoods.


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