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Determinants of Housing Values and Variations in Home Prices Across Neighborhoods in Cook County
Maude Toussaint-Comeau, Jin Man Lee | 2018 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  1
Competitiveness of Ethnic Minority Neighborhoods in Metropolitan Areas in the Seventh District
Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2017 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  4
Reinvesting in the Greater Chatham Neighborhoods in Chicago: New Data and Insights from Practitioners and Policymakers
Robin Newberger, Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2017 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  3
Looking for Progress in America's Smaller Legacy Cities: A Report for Place-based Funders
Susan Longworth | 2017 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  3
Advancing Regional Prosperity through Economic Inclusion: A Brief Conversation with Chicago Planning Agencies
Robin Newberger, Jason Keller | 2017 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  3
A Look at Detroit's Affordable Housing Market
Desiree Hatcher | 2017 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  2
Investing in Healthy Communities: Ideas to Action for Healthy People, Places, and Planet - A Conference Summary
Steven Kuehl, Susan Longworth, Lisa Richter, Jennifer Riggenbach | 2017 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  2
Small Business Credit Survey
2017 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  2
Market Failure and Community Economic Development in the US
James L. Greer, Oscar Gonzales | 2017 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  1
Health Care is Community Reinvestment: Examples from the Mental Health Field
Marva Williams, Desiree Hatcher | 2017 | ProfitWise News and Views | No.  1
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