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2019 Events

Business Smart Week — Detroit

This year’s Business Smart Week in Detroit focused on the value of Certification and the power of partnerships and collaboration in generating revenue for your business.

July 18-19, 2019

See the summary page for more details.

Business Smart Week — Chicago

This year’s Business Smart Week in Chicago focused on “smart growth strategies for diverse suppliers” that include understanding the business case for corporate supplier diversity, defining your value proposition, managing the contract after the award, technology enablement strategies, partnering and teaming growth strategy testimonials.

July 15-17, 2019

See the summary page for more details.

Fed Listens: Conference on Monetary Policy Strategy, Tools & Communication Practices

Featuring sessions that included overviews by academic experts of themes that are central to the review, including the FOMC’s monetary policy since the financial crisis, assessments of the maximum sustainable level of employment, alternative policy frameworks and strategies to achieve the dual mandate, policy tools, global considerations, financial stability considerations, and central bank communications. Other sessions featured panels of community leaders who shared their perspectives on the labor market and the effects of interest rates on their constituencies. All conference sessions and panels are available to view.

June 4-5, 2019

View the sessions (click the name of the session in the agenda to watch the video).

26th Annual Automotive Outlook Symposium

The 26th Annual Automotive Outlook Symposium was held at the Detroit Branch. This year's topics included near-term automotive outlook and automotive labor developments.

May 31, 2019

See the summary page for more details.

Conference on Central Counterparty (CCP) Risk Management

This article summarizes the first joint conference on Central Counterparty (CCP) Risk Management by the Chicago Fed, European Central Bank, and Deutsche Bundesbank, held in Frankurt, Germany, on February 27. The conference drew more than 170 participants from financial services firms, regulatory bodies, and academia from many parts of the world.

February 27, 2019

Read the summary.

Automotive Insights Conference

U.S. light vehicle sales will likely exceed 17.0 million for the fourth year in a row. However during 2018 there has been a lot of uncertainty added to the industry. These issues and more were discussed at the 2019 Automotive Insight Conference.

January 10, 2019

See the summary page for more details.

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