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By Jason Keller       July 24, 2018

Investing in people, places, and communities can produce positive returns and increase access to resources that create economic growth and prosperity. With this set of principles in mind, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is cosponsoring “Reinventing Our Communities - Investing in Opportunity” a 2.5 day conference in Baltimore, Maryland from October 1-3, 2018. Through a combination of plenaries... Read More

By Emily Engel, Mark O'Dell       July 23, 2018

For the past four years, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago has distributed the Kansas City Federal Reserve's LMI survey to Seventh District constituents engaged in community development. Recipients of the emailed survey are active in the fields of real estate development, finance, financial counseling, economic development, banking, consumer advocacy, small business development, philanthropy, l... Read More

June 4, 2018

This month we are launching a new e-newsletter to create a comprehensive source for Community Development and Policy Studies news. This monthly email will highlight the latest community development publications (including ProfitWise News and Views), blogs, and upcoming events from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and across the Federal Reserve System. Our intent with this new communications pl... Read More

By Emily Engel, Mark O'Dell       May 22, 2018

Thanks to the participation of over a thousand businesses across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin, the latest round of the nationwide SBCS1 provides fresh information about small business economic trends in the area served by the Federal Reserve Seventh District. One of the most notable findings is the predominance of older firms among survey respondents and the small numbe... Read More

By Jason Keller       May 14, 2018

The Federal Reserve Board of Governors (the Board) announced on April 16, 2018, that it is accepting applications from individuals who wish to be considered for membership on the Community Advisory Council (CAC). Community Development and Policies Studies (CDPS) - a division of the Economic Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago-is working with the Board to source candidates f... Read More

May 1, 2018

In conjunction with National Small Business Week, the 12 Reserve Banks of the Federal Reserve System today launched a new website: Fed Small Business. This site will serve as a hub for the Reserve Banks' small business research, analysis and thought leadership. Fed Small Business includes content from the annual Small Business Credit Survey (SBCS), a national survey of small business owners that ... Read More

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March 20, 2018

Individuals active in the financial education field are no doubt familiar with the staggering statistics that characterize consumer financial health in the United States: 28% of non-retired adults have no retirement savings or pensions 44% say that they could not cover a $400 emergency expense or would have to cover it by selling something or borrowing money Just over 25% of all adu... Read More

By Emily Engel       March 1, 2018

The definition of ‘workforce development' is broad, and there are many programs that focus on the different aspects of the field. Recently, CDPS posted two workforce-focused blogs: (1) Workforce Development for the Next Generation: Early Childhood Education and (2) Investing in America's Workforce. CDPS will continue to explore the topic from different perspectives. This blog will look at y... Read More

By Jason Keller       February 15, 2018

On May 30, 2017, CDPS blogged about the final revisions to the Interagency Questions and Answers regarding Community Reinvestment. That blog focused on changes to the definition of community development, specifically the references to workforce development or other job training programs for low- or moderate-income (LMI) or unemployed persons as qualified activities under the regulation. Connected... Read More

February 8, 2018

In accordance with our five-year strategic plan, the Community Development and Policy Studies (CDPS) division of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago has been working to expand our reach within the Seventh District and to advance our mission of improving conditions in low- and moderate-income communities. Toward this end, we are conducting a survey of community development partners and stakeholder... Read More

Results 21 - 30 of 121
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