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By Caroline Beetz Fenske       October 6, 2021

In a virtual event on October 6, 2021, an expert panel discussed the auto industry's technological transformation to electric vehicles (EVs), shared ideas about what firms and workers will likely face during the transition by 2030 and beyond, and identified obstacles to achieving policy goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through electrification of transport. This blog post summarizes the ... Read More

By Levi Bognar, Ekta Deshmukh, Emma LaGuardia, Thomas H. Klier       September 29, 2021

Electric vehicles are receiving lots of attention these days as public policy measures are increasingly encouraging their use. For instance, the White House recently announced a new target of half of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. being zero-emissions vehicles by 2030—which would be supported with fuel efficiency and emissions regulations and investments in... Read More

By Caroline Beetz Fenske       August 19, 2021

Learning Loss and Renewal after the Pandemic (August 10, 2021) was the latest in a series of Project Hometown virtual events hosted by the Chicago Fed. The latest event featured a panel of experts in the field of education and aimed to raise awareness of the consequences of school closures and remote learning on academic achievement and economic opportunities, particularly for students in economi... Read More

By Caroline Beetz Fenske       July 20, 2021

The Chicago Fed's virtual event, “Charting Detroit's Fiscal Future: Challenges and Opportunities,” held on July 14, 2021, is the latest in a series of Project Hometown events aimed at identifying obstacles facing communities in the Seventh District during the pandemic. The event examined Detroit's city government financing to understand how its unique revenue structure has fared during the Covid... Read More

During the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic in the U.S., the speed with which economic activity responded to the spread of the virus and the public policy responses that followed laid bare the need for both accurate and timely measures of consumer spending. In this Chicago Fed Insights blog post, we discuss a new Chicago Fed index called CARTS and its implications f... Read More

By Scott A. Brave, Stephanie Grove       July 1, 2021

In this Chicago Fed Insights blog post, we take a first look at the relationship between industry employment and Covid-19 vaccine take-up. As the U.S. population becomes increasingly vaccinated against Covid-19, the ongoing recovery in the labor market is expected to strengthen. In early 2020, employment was hit hardest in industries where it was either diffic... Read More

By Tanya Bakshi, Jonathan Rose       June 30, 2021

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, subprime auto loans appeared to be particularly vulnerable to credit quality deterioration potentially arising from pandemic-related economic hardships. For one thing, the delinquency rate on subprime auto loans had risen to a fairly high level in the years leading up to 2020, signaling that many borrowers were already un... Read More

By Thomas H. Klier, James Rubenstein       June 23, 2021

Lately, not a day goes by without a major player in the auto industry issuing a press release that signals a shift toward electrification. According to the New York Times, as many as 100 electric vehicle (EV) models will be featured in showrooms by 2025.1 All three carmakers with historical ties to Detroit have major plans to develop more EVs. General Motors C... Read More

By Marta Chaffee, Sam Schulhofer-Wohl       June 23, 2021

Following stresses in the market for U.S. Treasury securities in March 2020, several observers suggested that increased central clearing of Treasury transactions could help the market function better and called for investigating the costs and benefits of a clearing mandate. This post examines more basic questions: Would structural changes to the market be required to i... Read More

By Caroline Beetz Fenske       May 24, 2021

Chicago Fed staff and community leaders discussed the importance of summer jobs programs for Chicago's youth and identified ways to strengthen these organized efforts over the coming months in the virtual forum, “Brighter Prospects for Chicago's Youth: Strengthening Summer Jobs and Beyond,” on May 5, 2021. Beginning in July 2020, through Project Hometown events, the Chicago Fed has brought focus ... Read More

Results 1 - 10 of 48
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