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Chicago Fed Letter, No. 166a, June 2001
Chicago's Global Connections and Challenges (Special Issue)

On January 19, 2001, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago hosted a forum sponsored by Global Chicago entitled “Chicago’s Global Economic Connections and Challenges.” Global Chicago is a collaborative project devoted to enhancing Chicago’s global strengths and raising awareness of the metropolitan area’s global connections. The one-day conference furthered these efforts by bringing together a group of almost 60 people engaged in Chicago’s global issues. Participants came from a wide range of state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, universities, cultural organizations, businesses and citizens advocacy groups. The forum was intended not only to create a dialogue among leaders from a wide variety of academic institutions, businesses and community organizations, but also to constitute the first step in a series of outreach events, occasional papers by professionals and the eventual publication of a book. Global Chicago’s website will feature working papers and slide shows from the event in an effort to continue and expand the dialogue initiated at the conference.

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