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What Is Driving the Differences in Inflation Across U.S. Regions?
Elainia Gupta, Leslie McGranahan | 2023 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  478 | May | 8
Destruction, Policy, and the Evolving Consequences of Washington, DC’s 1968 Civil Disturbance
Leah Brooks, Jonathan Rose, Stan Veuger | 2022 | Working Paper | No.  2022-29 | July
The Effects of the Great Migration on Urban Renewal (REVISED April 2021)
Ying Shi, Daniel Hartley, Bhash Mazumder, Aastha Rajan | 2021 | Working Paper | No.  2021-04 | February
Measuring Detroit’s Economic Progress with the DEAI
Scott A. Brave, Ross Cole, Paul Traub | 2020 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  434 | March | 31
Index Suggests Midwest Growth Well Above Trend Through September
2020 | Midwest Economy Index | September
Index Suggests Midwest Growth Above Trend Through August
2020 | Midwest Economy Index | August
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