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Civil Liberties and Social Structure
Selman Erol , Camilo Garcia-Jimeno | 2024 | Working Papers | No.  2024-05 | February
Persuasion and Dissuasion in Political Campaigns: Political Communication and Media Coverage in Senate Races
Camilo Garcia-Jimeno, Pinar Yildirim | 2024 | Working Papers | No.  2024-04 | February
Racial Wealth Gains and Gaps: Nine Facts About the Disparities
Kristen Broady, Anthony Barr, Darlene Booth-Bell, Lucas Cain | 2024 | Working Papers | No.  2024-03 | February
Data, Privacy Laws and Firm Production: Evidence from the GDPR
Mert Demirer, Diego Jiménez Hernández, Dean Li, Sida Peng | 2024 | Working Papers | No.  2024-02 | February
Occupational Switching During the Second Industrial Revolution
Bart Hobijn, Robert S. Kaplan | 2024 | Working Papers | No.  2024-01 | February
What Do Lead Banks Learn from Leveraged Loan Investors?
Max Bruche, Ralf Meisenzahl, David Xiaoyu Xu | 2023 | Working Papers | No.  2023-44 | December
Consumption, Wealth, and Income Inequality: A Tale of Tails
Alexandre Gaillard, Christian Hellwig, Philipp  Wangner, Nicolas Werquin | 2023 | Working Papers | No.  2023-43 | December
Robots, Tools, and Jobs: Evidence from Brazilian Labor Markets
Gustavo de Souza, Haishi Li | 2023 | Working Papers | No.  2023-42 | November
Medicaid-ing Uninsurance? The Impact of the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid Expansion on Uninsurance Spells
Bradley Heim, Ithai Lurie, Elena Patel, Shanthi Ramnath | 2023 | Working Papers | No.  2023-41 | November
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