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Charged and Almost Ready—What Is Holding Back the Resale Market for Battery Electric Vehicles?
Levi Bognar, Scott A. Brave, Thomas H. Klier, Leslie McGranahan | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-35 | September
Retail Investors’ Contrarian Behavior Around News, Attention, and the Momentum Effect
Cheng (Patrick) Luo, Enrichetta Ravina, Marco Sammon, Luis M. Viceira | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-34 | September
The Lasting Impact of Historical Residential Security Maps on Experienced Segregation
Daniel Aaronson, Joel Kaiyuan  Han, Daniel Hartley, Bhash Mazumder | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-33 | September
Forecasted Treatment Effects
Irene Botosaru, Raffaella Giacomini, Martin Weidner | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-32 | August
Are Friends of Schools the Enemies of Equity? The Interplay of Public School Funding Policies and Private External Fundraising
Lisa Barrow, Sarah Komisarow, Lauren Sartain | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-31 | August
The “Privatization” of Municipal Debt
Ivan Ivanov, Tom Zimmermann | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-30 | August
Nonbank Lenders as Global Shock Absorbers: Evidence from US Monetary Policy Spillovers
David Elliott, Ralf Meisenzahl, José-Luis Peydró | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-29 | August
Identification Using Higher-Order Moments Restrictions
Philippe Andrade, Filippo Ferroni, Leonardo Melosi | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-28 | August
Aggregate Dynamics in Mirrlees Economies: The Case of Persistent Shocks
Marcelo Veracierto | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-27 | August
A Robust Method for Microforecasting and Estimation of Random Effects
Raffaella Giacomini, Sokbae Lee, Silvia  Sarpietro | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-26 | August
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