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The Effects of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on Labor Market Activity and Credit Outcomes
Sumedha Gupta, Bhash Mazumder | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-13 | March
How Climate Change Shapes Bank Lending: Evidence from Portfolio Reallocation
Ralf Meisenzahl | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-12 | March
Employment and Welfare Effects of the Quota for Disabled Workers in Brazil
Gustavo de Souza | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-11 | March
The Labor Market Impact of Covid-19 on Asian Americans
Chris de Mena, Suvy Qin, Jing Zhang | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-10 | March
What Determines State Heterogeneity in Response to U.S. Tariff Changes?
Ana Maria Santacreu, Michael Sposi, Jing Zhang | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-09 | March
Gas, Guns, and Governments: Financial Costs of Anti-ESG Policies
Daniel G. Garrett, Ivan Ivanov | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-07 | March
The Covid-19 Pandemic Spurred Growth in Automation: What Does this Mean for Minority Workers?
Kristen Broady, Darlene Booth-Bell, Anthony Barr, Ryan Perry | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-06 | February
Pushing Bonds Over the Edge: Monetary Policy and Municipal Bond Liquidity
John Bagley, Stefan Gissler, Kent Hiteshew, Ivan Ivanov | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-05 | February
Societal Disruptions and Child Mental Health: Evidence from ADHD Diagnosis During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Seth Freedman, Kelli Marquardt, Dario Salcedo, Coady Wing | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-04 | January
Job-to-Job Mobility and Inflation
Renato Faccini, Leonardo Melosi | 2023 | Working Paper | No.  2023-03 | January
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