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Insurance Initiative Research

The Chicago Fed Insurance Initiative aims to understand the role of the insurance industry in the overall economy, with an emphasis on the industry’s role in the financial sector. We feel that deeper knowledge of the insurance industry will have payoffs for both policy and research.

Chicago Fed Letter

Homeowners’ Financial Protection Against Natural Disasters
Alejandro H. Drexler, Andrew Granato, and Richard J. Rosen
2019, No. 409

Catastrophe Bonds: A Primer and Retrospective
Andy Polacek
2018, No. 405 

The Risks of Pricing New Insurance Products: The Case of Long-Term Care
Zain Mohey-Deen and Richard J. Rosen
2018, No. 397

How Much Risk Do Variable Annuity Guarantees Pose to Life Insurers?
Alejandro H. Drexler , Thanases Plestis , Richard J. Rosen
2017, No. 384

Rules and Discretion in Life Insurance Regulation
Alejandro H. Drexler Zain Mohey-Deen and Richard J. Rosen
2017, No. 373

Do Insurers in Catastrophe-Prone Regions Buy Enough Reinsurance?
Florentine M. Eloundou Nekoul and Alejandro H. Drexler
2016, No. 360

How Do Property and Casualty Insurers Manage Risk? The Role of Reinsurance
Andy Polacek
2015, No. 334

Understanding the Relationship between Life Insurers and the Federal Home Loan Banks
Kyal Berends, Robert McMenamin, Anna Paulson and Richard J. Rosen
2014, No. 318

What Do U.S. Life Insurers Invest in?
Robert McMenamin, Anna Paulson, Thanases Plestis and Richard J. Rosen
2013, No. 309

How Liquid Are U.S. Life Insurance Liabilities?
Robert McMenamin, Zain Mohey-Deen, Anna Paulson and Richard J. Rosen
2012, No. 302

Economic Perspectives

What Explains the Decline in Life Insurance Ownership?
Daniel Hartley, Anna Paulson and Katerina Powers
2017, Vol. 41, No. 8

Derivatives and Collateral at U.S. Life Insurers
Kyal Berends and Thomas King
2015, First Quarter

The Sensitivity of Life Insurance Firms to Interest Rate Changes
Kyal Berends, Robert McMenamin, Thanases Plestis and Richard J. Rosen
2013, Second Quarter

Working Papers

The Life Insurance Industry and Systemic Risk: A Bond Market Perspective
 Anna Paulson and Richard J. Rosen
Working Paper
2016, No. 2016-04

Measuring Interest Rate Risk in the Life Insurance Sector: The U.S. and the U.K.
 Daniel Hartley, Anna Paulson and Richard J. Rosen
Working Paper
2016, No. 2016-02 

AIG in Hindsight
Robert McDonald ,Anna Paulson
2014, No. 2014-07

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