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Robust Bayesian Analysis for Econometrics
Raffaella Giacomini, Toru  Kitagawa, Matthew Read | 2021 | Working Paper | No.  2021-11 | August | 23
Tracking U.S. Consumers in Real Time with a New Weekly Index of Retail Trade (REVISED June 2021)
Scott A. Brave, Michael Fogarty, Daniel Aaronson, Ezra Karger, Spencer Krane | 2021 | Working Paper | No.  2021-05 | March
Looking Down the Road with ALEX: Forecasting U.S. GDP
Scott A. Brave, R. Andrew Butters, Michael Fogarty | 2020 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  447 | October | 23
The perils of working with Big Data and a SMALL framework you can use to avoid them (REVISED March 2, 2021)
Scott A. Brave, R. Andrew Butters, Michael Fogarty | 2020 | Working Paper | No.  2020-35 | December
Predicting Benchmarked US State Employment Data in Realtime (REVISED March 2021)
Scott A. Brave, Charles Gascon, William Kluender, Thomas Walstrum | 2019 | Working Paper | No.  2019-11
Very Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics: Empirics
Jaap H.  Abbring , Jeffrey R. Campbell, Jan Tilly, Nan Yang | 2018 | Working Paper | No.  2018-17
Easy Bootstrap-Like Estimation of Asymptotic Variances
Bo E.  Honoré, Luojia Hu | 2018 | Working Paper | No.  2018-11
Selection Without Exclusion
Bo E.  Honoré, Luojia Hu | 2018 | Working Paper | No.  2018-10
Using Private Sector “Big Data” as an Economic Indicator: The Case of Construction Spending
Daniel Aaronson, Scott A. Brave, Ross Cole | 2016 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  366
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