Jung Sakong
Sakong, Jung
Policy Economist
Sander, William
Professor, DePaul University
missing photo
Sang, Ashlee
Independent content strategist and copywriter
e scott santi photo
Santi, E. Scott
Class C Director, Chair, Term: 2016-2017; 2018-2020
Scanlon, Charles J.
Fifth President
Schaller, George J.
Second Governor/President
Schanzenbach, Diane Whitmore
Associate Professor, Northwestern University
Schrepfer, Katherine
Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary, Ethics Officer and General Counsel
photo not available
Schulhofer-Wohl, Sam
Senior Vice President and Director of Financial Policy
Shimer, Robert
Professor, University of Chicago
Maggie Sklar
Sklar, Maggie
Senior Policy Advisor and Director of International Engagement
missing photo
Smith, Brianna
Former Summer 2020 intern with the Community Development and Policies division of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
John Spence
Spence, John
Financial Markets Analyst
Steigerwald, Robert
Senior Policy Advisor, Financial Markets
Sullivan, Daniel G.
Executive Vice President
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