Chicago Fed Presidents, 1914 - Present

Information about the Bank's presidents from our earliest days to present. Initially called governor, the title of our chief executive officer was changed to president in 1936.



James B McDougal

James B. McDougal

First Governor
1914 – 1934 
George J Schaller

George J. Schaller

Second President
1934 – 1941
Clifford S. Young

Clifford S. Young

Third President
1941 – 1956
Carl E. Allen

Carl E. Allen

Fourth President
1956 – 1961
Charles J Scanlon

Charles J. Scanlon

Fifth President
1962 – 1970
Robert P. Mayo

Robert P. Mayo

Sixth President
1970 – 1981
Silas Keehn

Silas Keehn

Seventh President
1981 – 1994
Michael H. Moskow

Michael H. Moskow

Eighth President
1994 – 2007
Charles L. Evans

Charles L. Evans

Ninth President
2007 – Present
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