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Last Updated: 06/01/18

Upcoming Events

CEDRIC serves as a system-wide clearinghouse for upcoming forums, conferences, seminars and workshops across the country. Events are listed in chronological order.

ECONversations: How Fracking Affects Home Values

June 19, 2018

The boom in hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," created a surge in economic activity in certain parts of the country. This surge combined with some of the downsides of fracking made the situation an ideal laboratory to study the effects of a big labor market shock, specifically its impact on house values and mortgage defaults. Chris Cunningham, a research economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, has recently examined how fracking in Pennsylvania impacted mortgage markets and what this impact tells us about borrower behavior. Join us for the next ECONversations as we discuss this work. Read more...

Cool Fintech Apps for Better Financial Health

June 21, 2018

Want to learn about innovative apps and tools that can help people save money and build an emergency savings fund? Join the Minneapolis Fed for a free webinar to get information on free or low-cost smart phone apps and tools. Read more...

2018 Reinventing Our Communities: Investing in Opportunity

October 1-3, 2018
Baltimore, MD

The biennial Reinventing Our Communities conference will explore ways to invest in opportunity and strategies to build a transformative economy that enables low- and moderate-income communities to better connect people and places to capital. This year's conference will highlight strategies to create places of opportunity, develop the local workforce for a global marketplace, and provide wealth and opportunity inclusivity to all segments of the population. Read more...

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