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Daniel Hartley

Senior Economist
Regional Economics

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Daniel Hartley is a senior economist on the regional analysis team in the research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Prior to joining the regional team, he was a policy economist and a member of the Insurance Initiative. His primary research interests include urban economics, labor economics, household finance, and environmental economics. His current work focuses on neighborhood housing market dynamics, crime, public housing, and natural disasters. Prior to working at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, he was an economist and senior economist in the research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland for about 6 years.

Hartley holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago, a Master of Engineering in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Policy Brief
Daniel Aaronson, Bhash Mazumder, Daniel Hartley | 2022 | February
Chicago Fed Letter
Katherine Bennett, Daniel Hartley, Jonathan Rose | 2022 | No. 468 | July Download
Daniel Hartley, Bhash Mazumder, Aastha Rajan | 2019 | No. 424 Download
Daniel Hartley, Eleni Packis, Ben Weintraut | 2019 | No. 415 Download
Economic Perspectives
Daniel Hartley, Anna Paulson, Katerina Powers | 2017 | Vol. 41 | No. 8 | November Download
Working Papers
Daniel Aaronson, Joel Kaiyuan Han, Daniel Hartley, Bhash Mazumder | 2023 | No. 2023-33 | September Download
Morris A. Davis, Jesse Gregory, Daniel Hartley | 2023 | No. 2023-23 | July Download
Daniel Aaronson, Daniel Hartley, Bhash Mazumder, Martha Stinson | 2022 | No. 2022-13 | April Download
Ying Shi, Daniel Hartley, Bhash Mazumder, Aastha Rajan | 2021 | No. 2021-04 | February Download
Daniel Aaronson, Jacob Faber , Daniel Hartley, Bhash Mazumder, Patrick Sharkey | 2020 | No. 2020-33 | December Download
Jason Faberman, Daniel Hartley | 2020 | No. 2020-18 | August Download
Nathaniel Baum-Snow, Daniel Hartley, Kwan Ok Lee | 2019 | No. 2019-02 Download
Daniel Aaronson, Daniel Hartley, Bhash Mazumder | 2017 | No. 2017-12 Download
Morris A. Davis, Jesse Gregory, Daniel Hartley, Kegon T. K. Tan | 2017 | No. 2017-02 Download
Nathaniel Baum-Snow, Daniel Hartley | 2016 | No. 2016-09 Download
Daniel Hartley, Anna Paulson, Richard J. Rosen | 2016 | No. 2016-02 Download

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

With Justin Gallagher, 2017, "Household Finance after a Natural Disaster: The Case of Hurricane Katrina," Online AppendixAmerican Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Vol.9, No. 3, August.

With Nikhil Kaza and T. William Lester, 2016, "Are America’s Inner Cities Competitive? Evidence from the 2000s," Economic Development Quarterly, Special Issue on Inner-City Economic Development, May.

With Dionissi Aliprantis, 2015, "Blowing It Up and Knocking It Down: The Local and City-Wide Effects of Demolishing High Concentration Public Housing on Crime," Online Appendix, Journal of Urban Economics, July.

2014, "The Effect of Foreclosures on Nearby Housing Prices: Supply or Dis-amenity?," Regional Science and Urban Economics, November.

With T. William Lester, 2014, "The Long Term Employment Impacts of Gentrification in the 1990s," Regional Science and Urban Economics, March.

With Veronica Guerrieri and Erik Hurst, 2013, "Endogenous Gentrification and Housing Price Dynamics," Journal of Public Economics, April.

Other Journal Publications

With Veronica Guerrieri and Erik Hurst, 2012, "Within-city Variation in Urban Decline: The Case of Detroit," American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, May.

Book Chapters

With Kyle Fee, 2013, "The Relationship Between City Center Density and Urban Growth or Decline,"  in Revitalizing American Cities, Susan Wachter and Kimberly Zeuli (eds.), University of Pennsylvania Press.

Central Business District Coordinates Dataset: Stata,CSV

Published Book Reviews

2014, "Book Review: Great American City: Chicago and the Enduring Neighborhood Effect, by Robert J. Sampson," Journal of Economic Literature, March.

Dan Aaronson, Bhashkar Mazumder, and Daniel Hartley | 2022 | February
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