Maude Toussaint-Comeau

Senior Policy Economist

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Maude Toussaint-Comeau is a senior business economist in the community development and policy studies division of the economic research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Toussaint-Comeau's research has been on the use of formal and informal financial markets by minority groups and the use of alternative financial services, such as check-cashing outlets and payday loan companies. She has also conducted a line of research on immigrant utilization of financial services; labor market adjustment of immigrants; immigrant impact on natives; homeownership attainment of immigrants; and immigrant self-employment and business ethnic networks. Her current research focuses on consumer sentiment and consumption expenditure and on diversity and firms' productivity.

She has been published in International Migration Studies, Contemporary Economic Policy and Review of Economics and Statistics. Prior to joining the Chicago Fed in June 1998, she taught economics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She received a Ph.D. in economics/public policy analysis from the University of Illinois at Chicago, an M.S. in economics from Temple University and a B.A. in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 
Chicago Fed Letter
Robin Newberger, Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2015 | No. 346 Download
Robin Newberger, Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2013 | No. 306a | January Download
Daniel DiFranco, Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2009 | No. 262 | May Download
Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2009 | No. 213 | April Download
Economic Perspectives
Maude Toussaint-Comeau, Robin Newberger | 2017 | Vol. 41 | No. 2017-4 Download
Luojia Hu, Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2010 | Vol. 34 | No. 2010-2 | 2nd Quarter Download
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Profitwise News and Views
Maude Toussaint-Comeau, Victoria Williams | 2020 | No. 2 | May Download
Robin Newberger, Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2014 | November | 4th Quarter Download
Working Papers
Jonathan Hartley, Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2009 | No. 2009-23 | November Download
Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2007 | No. 2007-24 | November Download
Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2005 | No. 2005-23 Download
William H. Greene, Sherrie Rhine, Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2003 | No. 2003-10 Download
Sherrie Rhine, Maude Toussaint-Comeau | 2003 | No. 2003-05 Download
Journal Articles
Mexican Immigration, Occupational Clustering and the Local Labor Market Adjustment of African-American Workers
2016, IZA Journal of Migration, Vol. 5, No. 14, July.
Inclusive Cluster-Based Development Strategies for Inner Cities
With Robin Newberger and Darline Augustine, 2016, Economic Development Quarterly, Vol. 30,  No. 2, May pp. 171-184.

Toussaint-Comeau on Minority Owned Banks

Video courtesy of C-Span.

2016, Financial Institutions and Inequality Panel, National Economic Association/AFL-CIO Economic Conference, August 10.

Research Brief


Presented January 2015.

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